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Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone." Mark 16:15

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"How much more beautiful, the world through eyes that once were blind..."

Like most of us I had heard about God, about Jesus Christ, and about the Holy Spirit for most of my younger life.  I went to church kicking and fighting as a kid at the insistence of my grandmother.  As a young man I went to church on occasion and even read my Bible every now and then.  In 1976 I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, but with all this I never really knew God.

The amazing thing is that with all of my continued rebellion and lifestyle, with all of my ignorance about Jesus Christ, He never left me.  Jesus sat in the heavens watching me make one bad choice after another.  He watched me stumble and fall year after year making a total mess of my life.  Then the day came when I gave up and I cried out to Jesus for help  The day that I surrendered, the moment that Jesus heard me cry out to Him, Jesus was there.  At that moment Jesus took me into His loving arms, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "I have been waiting for you, I love you."  At that moment He began to change my life.

The same love and passion that Jesus Christ has for me, He has for you.  No matter how large or how small your troubles are, Jesus promises that if you knock, the door will be opened.  Just as He was there for me, Jesus Christ is there for you.  He is just a cry away.

Many years ago I was introduced to the most life changing and influential person I have ever known.  His name is Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the personal website and ministry of Steve Ridenour, Sr.

People Get Ready

There is no doubt about the day that Jesus will come.  We don't know the day and we don't know the hour, but we do know that his return draws nearer every day.  Check out this music video from Daryl Mansfield as he performs "People Get Ready".

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