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Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone." Mark 16:15

Tell Everybody

I was sitting on my riding mower a couple of days back, mowing some of my yard, listening to a song in my playing in my mind called "Tell Everyone", and thinking about my life and how it has been a roller coaster ride.  What I was thinking about the most was how much of a disaster my life had become just before I became a Christian, and how blessed it is now that I have been born again.

As Christians, we all try very hard to live a life that would be pleasing to our Lord.  We know what he expects of us, and has given us a Holy Spirit to help us in the Christian walk through our life here on earth.  One thing we are told to do by our Father is to tell the world of His grace.  We are to be His fisher of men, we are to be disciples, we are to tell everybody of God's effect on our lives.  I like what David sings to God in Psalms 27:7, "…proclaiming aloud your praise and telling of all your wonderful deeds." Then again in Psalms 119:172, "May my tongue sing of your word, for all your commands are righteous."

God changes our lives, he gives us grace beyond worthiness, and he blesses us everyday in some way, and we are supposed to go and tell everyone about that.  How many opportunities did you have yesterday to share a testimony about what God has done for you?  It could have been just a short testimony about one of the smaller things that our Lord has blessed you with, or it could have been a more powerful and lengthier testimony about something huge that God did for you.  Did you share any of it?

How about today, have you told anyone?  I know that there is not an hour that goes by during your day that you are not given at least one chance to share God's love.  I don't necessarily mean to sit down and give a testimony every hour, I mean something as simple as a response to "How are you doing today?" Instead of just replying with "I'm okay", you could reply with "I'm blessed." Those two words in that reply are powerful testimony.  "I'm blessed," says a lot.  How many times in a day are you given the chance to say, "I'm blessed?" I get opportunities all day and I tell every one that asks how I am doing that I am blessed.  Tomorrow is a good time to begin sharing the truth that as a Christian you are blessed.  Make it a habit to tell every body, and you will be given many chances to share more testimonies as curiosity develops in people wondering why you say you are blessed.

Think about something.  Think about why God expects us to share our testimonies with every person that we can.  There are many reasons why sharing what He has done in our lives is of tremendous value.  Testimonies glorify God, testimonies confirm faith, and testimonies show that God keeps his promises.

A testimony of the things that God has done in your life brings glory to Him.  It doesn't matter how small you might think the testimony might be, or how huge the testimony is, when they all bring glory to God they are all equally important.

Testimonies also confirm our faith in our Lord, and they tell people that He listens.  When we share with someone about how we went to God in prayer over a need that we had, we are telling that person that we had faith that God would hear us and answer our needs.  When we tell how God heard our prayer and then answered that prayer, we confirm the faith that is needed to go to Him in prayer.

God says that His words will not be returned to Him void.  Our Lord says knock and the door will be opened, ask and it will be given, seek and you will find.  All of these are promises that God makes to us and He guarantees that His word will not be returned to Him.  God does not break promises.  Your testimony of how you went to God in prayer with a need and how He answered that need proves that He keeps His promises.  Didn't He say, "Ask and it will be given?" God promised to give us what we prayed (asked) for.

Testimony is an extremely important part of your Christian witness.  It is probably one of your most easily used tools of witnessing to other people.  It is always a lot easier to tell a story of how God has blessed you than it is to tell a story of how he blessed some one else.  Your personal testimony will carry in it the excitement you have from the answered need.  When people can see and feel how happy you are that God has cared for you, think of what that says to them about God.  At the very least you have planted a seed.  Hopefully your testimony will have planted the seed, and also watered it so that it will begin to grow.  Either way you have shared something special about God's greatness.

Starting with the rest of today and going on into tomorrow, and all of the tomorrows that will follow, start telling everyone about Jesus Christ and all that He has done for you.  Don't forget even the smallest of blessings you have been given.  They are all great and of equal importance in your witness.  Go out and tell everyone.  

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